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Scan Your Website for Malware

We secure websites by automatically finding and fixing threats

Automatically protect your website, reputation, and visitors against cyberthreats.

Our website security scan instantly checks your website from malware, viruses and other cyber threats and alerts you to found issues.

Malware Scan

Our malware scan analyzes website content, flagging suspicious and malicious content and notifying you immediately of any issues to correct.

Spam Scan

This spam scan ensures your website isn’t listed in a spam database, ensuring your customer emails won’t be blocked or routed to spam folders.

SQL Injection Scan

Our comprehensive scanner penetrates a site with SQL injection methods to find vulnerabilities. Uncovering and addressing these vulnerabilities prevents leaking data to hackers.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Scan

XSS is another common vulnerability that hackers can use to steal visitors’ data or trick visitors into providing data to third parties.

Application Scan

The application scan examines the server’s core applications, including operating system, database, and language versions such as PHP and MySQL.

SSL Scan

The web encryption an SSL certificate provides is a crucial layer in your security posture so our scan will verify if you have a valid SSL installed on your website.

Automatically clean malicious content from your website, creating a safe visitor experience and protecting your online business.

Malware Detection

Using our proprietary inside-out scan, we locate malware files and injected malware on your website.

Malware Removal

Our technology will not only remove malware or suspicious items found on your site but it will also eliminate those uncovered in the publicly visible source code.

Website Restore

Once removed, we sync the changes back to the website environment keeping you notified at every step along the way!

Easily check for website vulnerabilities in your CMS with our vulnerability scanner before they are exploited.

Database Remediation

For database driven websites including WordPress, Joomla!, and MySQL, SiteLock removes malware from popular tables that are susceptible to malware.

eCommerce Patching

Our same patching technology is utilized with the 3 leading e-commerce solutions, ensuring cybercriminals cannot take advantage of vulnerabilities in your online store.

CMS Patching

CMS applications are popular and also susceptible to attacks. Our technology safely applies individual security patches assuring that the installation is as secure as the latest version of the CMS.

Securely backup your website to protect against ransomware, hardware corruption and human errors with our reliable backup solution.

Simple Site Backup

Website owners can schedule automated backups or run on demand backups of all site files, folders, and databases via an FTP or SFTP connection. No remote database connection required.

Custom Restore

The undo button for your website! With SiteLock Website Backup, you can choose the backup version to restore or download your backed-up files in one click.

Secure Storage

All backup data is encrypted in transit and stored in a secure SOC2 & HIPAA compliant data environment so website owners can be sure their data and their business are safe.

Easy Management

In the SiteLock Dashboard, you can see all the relevant information including backup history, status and storage used. You can also perform certain tasks such as create backups, restore files and more.

Powerful WAF security to protect against advanced cyberthreats – including the top ten threats that could damage your website.

Advanced Protection

SiteLock’s WAF blocks attacks seeking to exploit the ten most malicious cyber threats (OWASP Top 10), providing a safe customer experience, protecting brand reputation, and giving you peace of mind.

Blocks Backdoor Access

Our technology identifies backdoor files and blocks an attacker’s access to them, giving control back to the website owner.

Bad Bot Prevention

Using bot behavioral analysis and IP reputation, SiteLock differentiates between legitimate website visitors and automated malicious visitors — allowing only safe traffic to access to the site.

Our technology enables high volumes of website traffic with zero lag time, ensuring the best possible customer experience with no latency.

Increased speed

Our network of 44+ global data centers has proven to reduce latency! Websites using the SiteLock CDN load up to 50% faster than sites that don’t regardless of a visitor’s device or location.

Fully secure

SiteLock CDN fully secures end-to-end encryption for any SSL, including UCC and EV ensuring the highest level of security protection for your customers.

Improve SEO

Your website speed does impact your SEO. With SiteLock’s CDN, you can get a faster loading website, all while boosting your performance in search rankings.


  • Scans your sites for malware and vulnerabilities


  • Finds and removes malicious code automatically


  • Find, fix and prevent threats with website acceleration


  • Immediate emergency assistance in the event of a compromise to recover your website.

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